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Noble Knights, Pretty Princesses, Dangerous Dragons……….oh, and Fish

Hey there!

Casror here and boy do we have a TOTALLY WICKED Medieval Party!

The new FREE ITEM is a Purple Wizard Hat.

It looks pretty cool right? Makes me look like a wizard! Now check out the town! The Nightclub has changed into the “Knight Club” and the Gift Shop has turned into the “Marketplace”. Really gives you the medieval feeling right?

There is a Knights Needed sign in the town that transports you to the cave.

Sadly, the quests are MEMBERS ONLY D:,

But if you finish Quest III you can get a Golden Knight costume set! It looks REALLY AWESOME and it has a SPECIAL DANCE!

There’s a new Medieval Catalog inside the Marketplace.

There are more items coming soon! Looks like a dragon costume and a lute. I wonder what colour the dragon costume will be this time? Will it be purple? That would be wicked!

They even put a hidden item in the catalog! Just click on the puffle shape on the Red Tabard and you can buy yourself a Torc.

Ski Village looks really cool now. The Ski Lodge turned into a Princess Castle and Ski Mountain turned into a Haunted Castle! Spooky!

At the top of the Haunted Castle there’s a magical mirror! I asked it a question but I don’t think it likes me 😦

There are 2 NEW pins! The first one is a brazier pin. To get it you have to go to the Boiler Room and hover your curser over the big pot.

Then you force let Club Penguin to do the work for you and POOF, you now have the new Unidentified! Lately, Club Penguin has been having problems with free items and whenever you pick it up you get an unidentified.

The second pin is the Medieval Shield Pin. It’s located at the Dojo Entrance.

The only problem with it is when you press YES to get it is that YOU GET AN ERROR D:

What do you mean OKAY? It’s not OKAY. I want a pin! >:O GRAAAAHHH!!

There’s HEAPS more to this party but I’m letting YOU go on and explore for yourself.

That’s all for now!

Defeat the DRAGONS for Club Penguin!!



Hi There!

Hey Everybody!

I just created this blog and I will try my best to make this blog AWESOME!

Sadly my main penguin got banned for some reason. FOREVER!!! D:, It was a member! But it only had 3 more days of membership.

It’s kinda weird because I’ve never done anything wrong on Club Penguin but that doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s time for a NEW penguin! Took me a loooooooononononononng time to find a name that was short, simple, cool, easy to remember and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: one that wasn’t already taken.



Ok, I know, I know.

Casror doesn’t have many clothes and his name hasn’t been approved of yet. It’s ok! For now, you can just call me P163415322 (or just stick to Casror).

Since I am pretty new to blogging about Club Penguin, if I forget anything or if there is something I haven’t posted about, you can always comment about it and I will give you FULL CREDIT :D.

A friend told me that the key to blogging about Club Penguin is your fans. I guess that is kinda true seeing as your fans can help you quite a lot! So, I will try my best to make this website fan-friendly and if you have any questions I WILL try my best to answer all of them. 🙂

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start blogging and making this site a SUPER DUPER AWESOME CLUB PENGUIN BLOG!

Stay awesome ;D